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Transpose PDX centers transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming people. Our mission is to empower our community by creating a brave and accountable space to expand musical skills, develop a sense of identity, and center our voices in song.

Bottom Line for Portland

Transpose PDX is the only trans-centered music performance organization in the Portland-Metro area. Our entire singing membership and a majority of our board is made up of trans folx. We know that in order to best foster a safer and affirming space to create connection and music for trans folx, this work must also be led by trans folx. We also believe that we create something unique and important for the larger community. The Transpose PDX Vision states, "We are the ripple-starters, the ambassadors of change, and the consciousness-raisers. We humanize trans folks through the most human of art forms — singing! Through rural outreach performances we become visible; may the people who encounter us no longer feel alone, gain the courage to be their authentic selves, and be inspired to start their own ripples." Our hope is that we have an impact beyond our own membership, and find the stories and messages that create understanding and connection with the broader communities in which we live. A gift to our organization supports this work that creates a brave space for our members to be seen as their authentic selves, and to share our stories, talent, and brilliance with our community.


I found my way to these choirs at a time when I was already taking stock of my life and the stories I had told myself about who I was and could be… Since joining this organization, I have felt more whole and at peace with myself. The choirs have become my home - my family.

-Ash, Transpose PDX Artistic Director

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As an organization whose purpose is to serve a marginalized community we understand that equity, diversity, and inclusion must be integrated into all of our work. With these values at the forefront, we aim to eliminate all barriers for folx to participate. For example, there is no cost to join the choir as a singing member and we offer pay-what-you-can tickets to all of our shows. We ensure that all rehearsal and performance spaces are ADA accessible, and that our communications and resource sharing systems are accessible to all. We also have members with various levels of musical experience and neuro-diverse learning styles, and so we design our teaching methods and practices so that we move at a pace that brings everyone along together. We have also established a member lead Equity, Access, and Belonging group to better support our members and to provide guidance to the leadership of the organization.

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Transpose PDX is in the Creative Expression category which is sponsored by The Oregon Cultural Trust

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