$16,099 raised from 125 donors
Goal: $20,000 from donors


Bienestar builds housing that becomes a home, in multifamily properties that become communities, for the wellbeing of farmworker and other low-income families. Within our properties, we provide resident services and support Latino leaders as they become advocates for their community.

Bottom Line for Portland

This year, we provided affordable housing to more than 2,100 low-income people. Five hundred families were visited in their homes to ensure that the needs of low-income residents are met with services and referrals.

“When I struggled to find housing, Bienestar gave my family an affordable home. I saved enough money that I was eventually able to buy a house.”

—Jenny Soriano, former Bienestar resident

Business Partners

LMC Construction, Scott | Edwards Architecture, Ball Janik, Esperanza Spalding