Black Parent Initiative


To educate and mobilize the parents and caregivers of black and multiethnic children to ensure they achieve success. BPI helps parents stabilize their families and instill a new ethic of self-reliance, empowerment, voice and determination.

Bottom Line for Portland

In the past year, BPI provided 32 young, low-income black families with intensive and culturally specific wraparound services that gave them stable housing, economic self-sufficiency, healthy birth outcomes and positive cultural identities.

“I’d given up hope. I sat on the couch and watched life pass by. Then the determination hit me, ’cause this ain’t the life I want for my kids. Now, thanks to BPI, I’m in school and applying for jobs.”—A.H.

Business Partners

G!G donors of $50 or more to Black Parent Initiative will receive $2 off any entree at Horn of Africa.

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