Camp Westwind


To conserve the Westwind site in perpetuity; foster life-changing outdoor experiences for children, families and groups; and promote environmental stewardship as a basis for sustainable living.

Bottom Line for Portland

In 2016, 18 percent of campers, or 240 youth and adults, received financial aid (“camperships”). In 2017, Westwind strives to provide 20 percent of campers with financial aid. Westwind works with nonprofit partners to ensure diverse communities can attend camp; its newest partners include Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Lot Whitcomb Elementary and Beaver Acres Elementary.

“In school, my son gets picked on. He doesn’t understand why. He doesn’t like it and it makes him feel sad. At Camp Westwind, my child was not picked on, and he made friends. He really liked camp and did not want to leave.” —Father of a Refugee son

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