$36,100 raised from 184 donors
Goal: $35,000 from donors
Classroom Law Project


Classroom Law Project prepares youth across Oregon to become engaged, informed participants in our democratic society. Bringing together educators, students, the legal community, and concerned citizens, CLP provides quality, timely, fun civic education programs for teachers and students.

Bottom Line for Portland

Last year, Classroom Law Project reached more than 1,100 teachers and 95,000 students throughout Oregon. Providing quality professional development for teachers expands our programs’ reach, while our student-centered programs develop lifelong skills and opportunities for authentic civic engagement.

“Classroom Law Project helped me connect ‘learn about the past‘ with civics and democracy today. When students are bombarded by social media and bite-sized information, the active inquiry that comes from CLP’s programs helped me inspire thoughtful students with a genuinely meaningful desire to understand the workings of their community." —Peggy Karotko, teacher

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