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Goal: $30,000 from donors
Classroom Law Project


Classroom Law Project equips Oregon students with the knowledge, essential skills, and motivation to become engaged, informed participants in our democratic society. We provide interactive learning tools and strategies that empower and inspire students with life-changing experiences and opportunities to find their voices and to shape their communities for the better.

Bottom Line for Portland

The best way to preserve democracy is to teach democracy. Oregon’s youth needs to know how our government works, how to speak with respect for opposing points of view, and how to advocate with conviction and clear thinking. To that end, we reached 1,155 teachers and 144,185 students in classrooms, communities, competitions, and virtual spaces in the last school year. With so many challenges facing our schools and our communities today, the need for this work is more critical than ever.

"I understand that an individual’s efforts can cause a lot of change… I want to build a society where future generations can build a stable life. The Constitution gave us a means for promoting better policy, and using what I’ve learned, I hope to influence legislation which promotes greater diversity in our nation." -Phuocan Nguyen, program alumnus and 2018 scholarship recipient

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