CoHo Productions


To broaden perspectives and cultivate empathy through vibrant and intimate theater productions. CoHo nurtures and supports Portland-area artists through a model of theatrical co-production, creating opportunity for artists and projects that fall outside the typical regional and community theater models

Bottom Line for Portland

Last season, CoHo served 6,375 audience members and engaged 105 local artists, presenting 90 performances. CoHo provides widely entertaining and innovative productions and impacts the region through direct support to its community of theater artists, providing opportunities for work and artistic growth. 

“CoHo catches work that might fall through the cracks at larger institutions, giving them the opportunity to shine. CoHo gave me the chance to share the story of a woman fighter pilot struggling with PTSD with an open-minded community.” —Rebecca Lingafelter, Drammy winner for Best Solo Artist in Grounded

Business Partners:

Muse Wine Bar, the Wellness Center

Oregon Cultural Trust Nonprofit Partner

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