Community Alliance of Tenants


To educate and empower Oregon tenants to demand safe, stable and affordable housing through tenant education, organizing and advocacy, including running a renter’s rights’ hotline and facilitating community workshops that review frequently asked questions related to Oregon landlord-tenant law.

Bottom Line for Portland

Since 2008, CAT has been able to support more than 55 buildings that have all suffered from a lack of adequate housing maintenance or protections to mitigate involuntary displacement. This organizing has helped to create institutionally supported enhanced rental inspections and secure longer notice periods for rent increases and no-cause evictions.

“I am running a group in the apartments I live in. I have an attorney documenting everything, and all landlord complaints go to the attorney. I take pictures and listen to the people and neighbors’ complaints. Thank you for your mentoring.” —Vicki Petrotta, CAT Facebook supporter

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