$37,080 raised from 287 donors
Goal: $30,000 from donors
Community Transitional School


Community Transitional School is a private nonprofit pre-K-8 grade school dedicated to educating children whose families are homeless or in transition throughout Portland. CTS provides at-risk children with a stable educational environment that promotes their personal and academic growth.

Bottom Line for Portland

Like all schools, CTS has adapted to meet the restraints that COVID-19 imposes. Our students have limited access to the internet, making virtual learning not a choice for them. Our buses deliver schoolwork with breakfast and again with lunch. Home visits and weekly phone calls help the students stay connected to school and the school traditions they know—Popcorn Friday happens, as well as Friday's I-CAN Awards. And each week begins with the Word of the Week.

“An important thing I’ve learned at CTS is that the only person who can make my life better is me. I decide what is right or wrong and how I’m going to act. The teachers helped guide me onto the right path, I’m making the choice to walk down it.” —Jada, 2019 CTS graduate, now a freshman at De La Salle North Catholic High School

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