$3,068 raised from 78 donors
Goal: $5,000 from donors


CymaSpace produces art and cultural events that are more accessible and inclusive to the Deaf and hard of hearing through technology, education and outreach. We believe that when artists involve all the senses, their work is accessible, engaging and exciting.

Bottom Line for Portland

CymaSpace productions empower and promote Deaf people. The 2018 Northwest Deaf Arts Festival showcased a diverse selection of local and national Deaf performers. The event was the first in the Northwest to be fully accessible to Deaf and hearing people, engaging six coordinators, 16 volunteers, nine technicians and 300 attendees.

"The CymaSpace volunteer program has many benefits for me as a hard-of-hearing person. Involvement has helped me get back into my Deaf community. I am learning marketable skills in stagehand work and fundraising as I interact with other Deaf and hearing volunteers."

—Erik Matson

Oregon Cultural Trust Nonprofit Partner