Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors


ECO inspires students to connect to the natural world by providing hands-on ecology enrichment programs during the school day. Through service learning, outdoor exploration and experiential learning, ECO empowers the kids who will become tomorrow’s environmental stewards, advocates and leaders.

Bottom Line for Portland

Since 2005, ECO has reached 17,880 students. Last year, ECO taught 355 lessons and led 60 field trips for 84 classrooms in the Portland metro area. Ninety-nine percent of ECOA students say they want ECO back next year.

“Today was very exciting! My favorite was hiking and using loupes and I got to ‘examinate’ the banana slug and snail. I loved when we were hiking and heard two birds having a rap battle, because each breed has different chirps.” —Fifth grader

Business Partners

Moberi will match the first $2,500 in G!G donations to ECO. Brew Dr. Kombucha will match the next $5,000 in donations. Hopworks Urban Brewery will provide each of the first 250 donors of $25+ with a free pretzel appetizer at one of its restaurant locations.

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