Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership


To improve the lower Columbia River by protecting and restoring ecosystems and enhancing clean water for current and future generations of fish, wildlife and people. 

Bottom Line for Portland

Since 2000, the Estuary Partnership and partners restored 22,685 acres. Its education programs reach 4,000 students annually with free outdoor learning. To date, the Estuary Partnership has provided more than 67,000 students with educational outdoor experiences and worked with nearly 2,800 teachers. Its volunteers and students have planted more than 92,700 trees.

“My students were excited to plant trees and make a difference. Helping them feel connected to the world around them was just as important as the science curriculum.” —Michelle van Grunsven, Hartley Elementary School

Business Partners

Wolf Water Resources will match the first $2,500 in G!G donations to the Estuary Partnership. Lagunitas Nonprofit Community Room is hosting a trivia event for the Estuary Partnership and Friends of Outdoor School on Nov. 29. Donors of $100 or more on any Big Give Day will receive a Sauvie Island Recreation Guide from Fibonacci Enterprises.

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