Farmers Ending Hunger


To eliminate hunger in Oregon through a partnership of farmers, ranchers, food processors, the Oregon Food Bank and

the public.

Bottom Line for Portland

Farmers Ending Hunger gets locally grown, high-quality food products donated and delivered to Oregon Food Bank. It has expanded this year with more than 100,000 pounds of fresh cherries and has added hazelnuts as another major food product.

"The 500 pounds of ground beef that Farmers Ending Hunger sends to Blanchet House of Hospitality each month has a profound impact on our food service program. We serve 30,000 meals per month and rely on the generous support of organizations such as yours to achieve our mission."  —Dennis Arnold, building manager, Blanchet House of Hospitality, Portland

Business Partner

All G!G donors to Farmers Ending Hunger will receive one free ice cream cone from Ruby Jewel. Dick's Kitchen will match the first $500 in G!G donations.

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