Farmers Ending Hunger


To partner with Oregon farmers and ranchers who donate extra crops of produce, vegetables, fruit, wheat and cattle to help feed Oregon’s hungry. The donated food is transported and processed for use in emergency relief boxes coordinated and distributed by the Oregon Food Bank’s regional network.

Bottom Line for Portland

The measure of Farmers’ success is the amount of high-quality food products delivered to the Oregon Food Bank. A few examples in 2015: 85,450 pounds of cherries allowed for a 4-pound clamshell to be placed into 21,362 foodboxes, 65,000 pounds of hamburger provided 260,000 servings of protein, and 2.1 million pounds of potatoes allowed for a 10-pound bag in 210,000 food boxes.

“We support Farmers Ending Hunger for one simple reason: leverage. We can leverage more food to more hungry children and families and fill more emergency food boxes for less if we partner with our Oregon farmers and ranchers.” —Nancy Hales, first lady of Portland and program director, First Stop Portland

Business Partners

All G!G donors to Farmers Ending Hunger will receive one free ice-cream cone from Ruby Jewel Scoop Shop. Donors of $75 or more will receive a $20 gift card from Burgerville, and Dick’s Kitchen will match $500 in donations.

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