Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon


To improve the welfare and reduce the population of feral and stray cats through spay/neuter programs and education.

Bottom Line for Portland

Last year, FCCO spayed or neutered 6,062 cats. Since cats can have three litters of kittens each year, had these cats been left unaltered they could have produced more than 36,000 additional homeless cats living on our streets. Spay/neuter is the most effective, humane approach to reducing cat overpopulation.

“These people are incredible. They are absolutely and totally committed to the kitties. They are knowledgeable and professional and caring—the best of the best and making a difference in the lives of cats every single day.” —Charlie L., caregiver who had seven cats spayed or neutered by FCCO

Business Partners

Universal Cycles will donate $10,000 if we raise $20,000 by December 31, 2016. 

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