Friends of Outdoor School


To preserve the Outdoor School experience for all Oregon students regardless of a student’s ability, experience, income or family background by raising funds, gathering volunteers and building community partnerships. Although "Outdoor School for All" passed at the ballot, we need to send kids to Outdoor School this spring and to launch and maintain the new statewide funding program.

Bottom Line for Portland

During the past year, Friends of Outdoor School enabled 15,000 sixth-grade students and 3,500 high school students from the area to attend Outdoor School.

“I’ve seen how ODS can change so many lives, including my children and grandson. Teachers have shared how students are transformed after their week. The proof? The many sixth-graders who’ve returned as staff or become sixth-grade teachers themselves.” —Janice “Willi” Bohm

Business Partners

Hopworks Urban Brewery will donate 1 percent of all pint sales from the Powell and BikeBar locations during the month of December to Friends of Outdoor School. Lagunitas Nonprofit Community Room, Cider Riot!

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