$222,493 raised from 982 donors
Goal: $100,000 from donors
Friends of the Columbia Gorge


Friends of the Columbia Gorge shall vigorously protect the scenic, natural, cultural and recreational resources of the Columbia River Gorge. We are the only conservation advocacy group dedicated solely to protecting the Columbia Gorge. We’re landowners, educators and connectors.

Bottom Line for Portland

Friends protects the 293,000 acres of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area that millions of Portlanders enjoy annually. Last year, we removed over 10,000 gallons of invasive plants from burned areas, purchased 470 acres of land for permanent protection, and brought nearly 2,000 people out into the Gorge.


Update as of 12/17: To maintain momentum, a third anonymous donor has just agreed to match all remaining gifts made to Friends, until we reach out $100,000 goal! Make your gift go twice as far!

Two anonymous donors matched the first $50,000 in G!G donations to Friends of the Columbia Gorge.

“I have lived in Portland since 1969 and traversed by foot many miles in the mountains, beach and valley. For me, the Gorge is a sacred place which must be protected. Friends is a phenomenal organization which I will continue to support throughout my life.” —Norma Reich, Friends member

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