Hacienda CDC


To provide culturally accessible affordable housing, homeownership support, economic advancement and educational opportunities for more than 3,000 individuals and families each year, roughly 60 percent of whom are Latino.

Bottom Line for Portland

Hacienda provides homes for more than 1,600 low-income individuals, assists an additional 1,500 households in purchasing or retaining their homes, mentors more than 400 youth and supports more than 75 small businesses annually. It ensures all its services are accessible to Latinos in order to promote inclusion and equity.

“My family is so grateful to have this home! I never thought I would be able to be a homeowner, but the support and encouragement from Hacienda helped me believe and do the hard work to achieve this dream!”—Gabriela Ortiz, first-time homebuyer and former Hacienda resident

Business Partners

Colas Construction Inc. will match the first $1,500 in G!G donations to Hacienda CDC.

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