$35,346 raised from 153 donors
Goal: $25,000 from donors
Harper’s Playground


The mission of Harper’s Playground is to inspire vital communities by creating inviting playgrounds for people of all abilities. Our vision is a more inclusive world, one playground at a time, naturally.

Bottom Line for Portland

Harper’s Playground improves Portland’s quality of life by making fully inclusive, nature-based playspaces available to all. This increases outdoor play, enriches childhood development, and builds community. With six completed projects and three under development, we are expanding our impact throughout the Portland region and beyond.


Every 21+ years old donor of $25 or more will be entered to win a limited edition 7 foot long, 80 lb, 99 pack of PBR. You can’t buy this anywhere in Oregon! See a picture of the 99 pack here.
Every donor of $100 or more will be entered to win two tickets to TEDx Portland 2020.

“The first Harper’s Playground…set a new standard for public spaces that provide people of all abilities with the opportunity to play and learn together. I was proud to support that project. I look forward to welcoming more.” —Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish

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