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Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)


The mission of the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) is to provide affordable access to space, tools, and resources for creating independently published media and artwork, and to build community and identity through the creation of written and visual art.

Bottom Line for Portland

Each year, the IPRC serves 2,000 people in Portland, providing studio space and creative writing, printmaking, and publishing workshops and resources to communities who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access them. We’ve served 30,000 individuals over the past 20 years.

“The IPRC is one of the most amazing concepts and places I have been in. They offer workshops, access to equipment and general guidance in a friendly and very generous atmosphere.”

—Jennifer Randall, Artist and IPRC Member

Business Partner

First 10 $40-level contributors receive Journaling Starter Sets from Artist & Craftsman. First 2 $50-level contributors receive Tender Loving Empire gift certificates. Check the G!G calendar and for workshops/gifts from the IPRC!

Oregon Cultural Trust Nonprofit Partner