Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization


To promote the integration of refugees, immigrants and the community at large into a self-sufficient, healthy and inclusive multiethnic society.

Bottom Line for Portland

IRCO invests in immigrants and refugees so they can become self-sufficient. In 2015, 6,935 job seekers received employment coaching. Seventy-seven percent of those job seekers who have been in the U.S. for more than nine months were placed in jobs. Seventy-six percent of those jobs were retained for at least 90 days.

“I was so excited to participate in financial literacy training at IRCO. I started to make monthly deposits into my savings account. Now I understand what a savings plan is, and my family has moved into a new home.” —Zau Htun Maran, a refugee from Burma

Business Partners

G!G donors of $20 or more to IRCO will receive a buy one tamale get one free coupon from Mixteca. Pacific Office Automation will match the first $5,000 in G!G donations to IRCO.

Photo Courtesy of Katharine Kimball

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