The Library Foundation


To expand Multnomah County Library’s reach and help the library address emerging community needs, with a focus on children/families who face tough literacy risks. Literacy programs, cultural experiences and books in 11 languages will reach 220,000 people this year.

Bottom Line for Portland

This year, 65,000 at-risk children and parents will benefit from early literacy programs and books in 11 languages, and library programs will go directly into classrooms, reaching 24,000 vulnerable students.

“I teach in a high-poverty, low-performing school where many of our families simply don’t have books at home to read. Books 2 U is a true gift to my students.” —Teacher commenting on a program supported by the Library Foundation

Business Partners

G!G donors of $25+ to the Library Foundation will receive free ice cream from What’s the Scoop? Donors of $50+ will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate from Queen Bee Creations.


How far does a $10 donation go with your organization?

$10 will give 20 kids a chance to build strong reading skills when school is not in session through the library’s Summer Reading program.

How far does a $50 donation go with your organization?

$50 will allow the library’s Books 2 U program to target five students in a classroom where children face the toughest literacy risks, including hunger, poverty and parents with low literacy.

Oregon Cultural Trust Nonprofit Partner

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