Live Again


To reduce the number of suicides in Portland (a city with a suicide rate 25 percent higher than the national rate) by breaking down stigma and helping start important mental health conversations.

Bottom Line for Portland

Live Again has equipped over 200 people for mental health conversations through workshops, a certified course in suicide prevention, and a creative project with a volunteer team placing 400 paper hearts around the city that continue to lead more than 200 people a week to online mental health resources.

“The day of Live Again’s workshop, a friend texted me that she had lost the will to live. I spent the following day with her and was thankful that I learned valuable information at just the right time.” —Julie Heinrich

Business Partners:

All G!G donors of $25 or more to Live Again will receive a free dozen doughnuts from Pip’s Original Doughnuts & Chai and 15 percent off at Wildfang. Donors of any amount will be entered to win a prize pack with items from these and other business partners.

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