Marathon Scholars


To bring caring adults and financial resources together with talented low-income children to make the dream of a college education a reality.

Bottom Line for Portland

One hundred percent of Marathon Scholars graduate high school, versus 61 percent for their peers. Marathon’s first two eligible cohorts will achieve a college graduation rate of 67 percent, versus 11 percent for their peers. Marathon’s third cohort (class of 2017) will achieve an 83 percent graduation rate. Marathon currently serves 117 students across 12 grades.

“Working a hard-labor job since grade school, my dad hasn’t been able to play soccer with us in years. Graduating from college provides better opportunities for me so that I can play with my kids when I’m in my 40s.” —Adan Gonzalez, Franklin High School senior

Business Partners

G!G Donors of $150 or more to Marathon Scholars will receive a bottle of wine from Gift Tree. An anonymous donor will match the first $3,000 in G!G donations of $25 or more.

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