Marrow PDX


Marrow aims to empower teens to take ownership over their education and to foster a community of youth who are visually, socially and culturally literate.

Bottom Line for Portland

Marrow provides a safe space for creative youth development—including both educational and actionable opportunities in the humanities, the arts, practical skills and activism—to any interested teen in Portland.

"Marrow is a radical, accessible learning space, centering the most marginalized youth voices. This space has enriched the lives of young queer, trans, physically disabled, mentally ill, black and brown youth, creating safer spaces for anti-oppressive learning." —Ayita Malila, Marrow participant and facilitator


How far does a $10 donation go with your organization?

$10 provides free access for one teen to attend or perform at an open-mike or youth-organized music event.

How far does a $50 donation go with your organization?

$50 supplies the materials and resources needed to run one workshop with sliding-scale fees so any teen may participate.

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