$14,140 raised from 186 donors
Goal: $10,000 from donors
BIPOC-Led Organization!


Milagro provides extraordinary Latino theater, culture and arts education experiences for the enrichment of all communities.

Bottom Line for Portland

Spaces where diversity is celebrated and people can come together to learn about different cultures and perspectives are under threat. Milagro is a home for artists and it’s a home for all Oregonians seeking to expand their worldview. Your donation helps preserve this vibrant theater and cultural center now and for generations to come.


First five donors over $500 get a $25 gift card from Tamale Boy.
First 10 donors over $100 get a $15 gift card from La Bonita.
First 25 donors over $50 get a free tamale from Tamale Boy.
First 25 donors over $25 get a free taco from La Bonita.

“Stories have always been a very important part of cultural and social life all across the globe, and live theater brings those stories to life in a vibrant and beautiful way. Plays tell us stories that remind us of things we should never forget, to give us glimpses into what could be, to make us laugh and cheer at the triumphs and fails of life, and to inspire us to keep going.”  —Allegra Lopez, booth operator and assistant stage manager

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