My Voice Music


To engage youth in music and performance to promote self-esteem, social skills and emotional expression.

Bottom Line for Portland

In 2015, MVM served 1,900 youth, of whom 1,400 were reached in mental health treatment centers, 275 in summer camps, 150 in after-school programs and 40 at alternative high schools. Seventy-six percent of students lived in transitional housing, 90 percent received free or reduced lunch, and 94 percent attended MVM’s studio for free or with reduced tuition.

“I’m grateful I found My Voice Music, which has inspired my kids to write, record and perform music. My kids have felt welcomed, supported and safe. Music brings all kids together, and My Voice Music allows me to pay it forward.” —Mary Nichols, MVM parent

Business Partners:

Radio Room is providing a pint of beer for all donors to MVM who give $25 or morePortland Music Company

Oregon Cultural Trust Nonprofit Partner

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