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Native Arts & Cultures Foundation


The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation advances equity and cultural knowledge, focusing on the power of arts and collaboration to strengthen Native communities and promote positive social change with American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native peoples in the United States.

Bottom Line for Portland

There exists a vacuum in Portland, wherein the Native community has no center dedicated solely to arts and cultures. Giving Native people in the city a physical, visual presence will impact the greater community by truly “making the invisible visible.” With the upcoming transfer of ownership of the Yale Union building in Southeast Portland to NACF, we will realize a vision of Portland as a center for Native people through arts, culture and social justice.


Your donation could be matched up to 6 times by our generous corporate sponsors, depending on how much money we raise for Native Arts & Cultures Foundation!

Bison Coffeehouse is offering a free cup of coffee to every person who donates to NACF with proof of purchase!

Level 1 – “Thunderbird”: Every dollar raised up to $500 will be matched 6 to 1 by our sponsors PointSource Solutions, Meritus, Landerholm, Anonymous, Emerick Architects and Arnerich Massena.

Level 2 –“Raven”: Every dollar we raise from $501 to $1,000 will be matched 3 to 1 by our sponsors Anonymous, Emerick Architects and Arnerich Massena.

Level 3 –“Hawk”: Every dollar we raise from $1,001 to $1,500 will be matched 2 to 1 by our sponsors Emerick Architects and Arnerich Massena.

Level 4 – “Eagle”: Every dollar we raise from $1,501 to $5,000 will be matched 1 to 1 by our sponsor Arnerich Massena.

This means that if we raise $5,000, those donations will be matched by $9,000 by our corporate sponsors, for a total of $14,000 for Native artists!

“Native artists are not just one kind of artist—we are from multiple tribes, we have different backgrounds, and we have diverse interests. We are visual artists, performers, writers, filmmakers, scholars. NACF acknowledges those differences and promotes the visibility of all Native artists. Having a physical venue like the Center for Native Arts & Cultures where we can tell our different stories will help our cultures survive by creating deeper connections within the Native world, but also help us to be more visible and to tell our stories, our real stories to broader audiences.” —Brenda Mallory (Cherokee Nation), artist and NACF Fellow

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