Northeast Emergency Food Program


To provide food and clothing assistance to 11,000 racially and culturally diverse, low-income Portland metro neighbors each year through a food pantry, clothing room, mobile pantry, garden, community dinners, job training and more.   

Bottom Line for Portland

Last year, NEFP distributed more than 800,000 pounds of food and 40,000 items of clothing to more than 23,000 individuals. NEFP also continues a job training program that saw five of its most recent graduates find full-time employment, with ongoing
opportunities for 12 others.   

“After years of health problems and medical bills that left us struggling to avoid being homeless, NEFP has been more to us than a source for free food. The staff and volunteers have created a community of understanding and caring.” —Molly and Thomas M.

Business Partners

The first five G!G donors of $100 or more to NEFP will receive a $30 gift certificate to Old Salt Marketplace. Donors of $25 or more will receive a free coffee/pastry from Miss Zumstein Bakery & Coffee Shop.

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