Neighbors for Clean Air


To ensure every Oregonian can breathe clean, healthy air. By providing technical expertise and organizing Portlanders to speak up for the clean, healthy air they deserve, NCA believes it can create a more effective, health-based air regulatory framework and protect Portland’s air for generations to come. 

Bottom Line for Portland

In 2015, Neighbors for Clean Air negotiated a Good Neighbor Agreement with Vigor Industrial, delivered 5,000 petitions to the governor in March, partnered with Portland State students to develop air monitoring tools for neighborhoods, and worked directly on Bullseye Glass emissions by providing comment and oversight to the development of new glass manufacturing rules written to address toxic-metal emissions.

“Even before Portland’s air-quality problem exploded into the public consciousness in early 2016, the folks at Neighbors for Clean Air were working hard and smart to raise awareness about the problem and improve the state’s air regulatory system to ensure clean, healthy air for every Portlander.”—Sam Chase, Metro councilor

Business Partners

An anonymous donor will match the first $1,000 in G!G donations to Neighbors for Clean Air. The Swift Collective.

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