Northwest Mothers Milk Bank


To improve the health and survival of the Northwest’s most vulnerable babies through the safe collection and distribution of human donor milk, and through education, advocacy and research.

Bottom Line for Portland

Last year, Northwest Mothers Milk Bank dispensed 184,000 ounces of donated breast milk to hospitals and outpatient infants across the Pacific Northwest. Hundreds of generous milk donors have given thousands of ounces of human milk to help fragile babies in the community.

“My daughter is a tiny ambassador of your mission. We are learning that sharing love can change lives. I feel honored and privileged to donate breast milk.”—Alejandra Gonzales Ruiz, milk donor

Business Partners

For every donation made to Northwest Mothers Milk Bank, Bond and Love LLC will donate two revolutionary breast-milk feeding devices, called Droplets, for preemies, to affiliated hospital neonatal intensive care units.

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