Oregon Cultural Trust

What they do:
Oregonians fund the Oregon Cultural Trust. We, in turn, fund the artists, poets, preservationists and dreamers who make Oregon WHAT IT IS. Every year we disperse funds via our 1,400 cultural nonprofits, 45 county and tribal coalitions, and five statewide partners. Here’s how it works:

1. Donate to your favorite cultural organization(s); 

2. If they’re one of our 1,400 cultural nonprofits, donate that same amount to the Cultural Trust; 

3. Take that same amount off your state taxes. That’s right. Your donation to the Trust comes back to you as a tax credit.

As a result, culture THRIVES across our great state, and financially you don’t miss a beat. It’s a win-win. No other state in the nation has this incredible benefit. Lucky Oregonians!

"Gifts to the Cultural Trust optimize the impact of each dollar given in support of Oregon's cultural community. It's a win for everyone!" —Sue Metzler, Oregon Historical Society

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