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Oregon Environmental Council


For more than 50 years, Oregon Environmental Council has advanced solutions to Oregon’s most pressing environmental challenges, forwarding impactful and lasting strategies to improve the health and well-being of every Oregonian and this place we call home.

Bottom Line for Portland

Oregon Environmental Council brings Oregonians together to protect the water, air and land we all share and love. We advocate for meaningful solutions that get at the source of Oregon’s environmental problems and have real benefits for people’s health and quality of life. Our goals are a stable climate that safeguards our communities and economy; clean and plentiful water that supports people, fish, and wildlife; and healthy homes and neighborhoods free of air pollution and hazardous chemicals.


Donate $10 or more and receive a scout book!

The first 15 people to donate $100 or more receive a case of Brew Dr. Kombucha.

The first 15 people to donate $150 or more receive a one-month membership to Pause Meditation.

Anyone who donates $50 or more will be entered into a raffle to win prizes such as a large candle from Yo Soy Candle, a face mask and notebook from Maelu, and a case of kombucha from Happy Mountain Kombucha!

Donate $200 or more and get entered into a raffle to win a Patagonia 55L Black Hole Duffel Bag.

Donate $250 or more and receive a complimentary tasting at Soter Vineyards.

“We are living in an unprecedented era—clean air and clean water are under threat at the federal level and here at home. OEC understands the urgency and complexity of climate change and works strategically to protect the future of Oregon.” —Alison Hopcroft, Oregon Environmental Council donor and volunteer

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