Oregon Center for Public Policy


To improve economic opportunity for all Oregonians—especially those with low and moderate incomes—by empowering them to push back against powerful state and national interests, including the Trump agenda, to advance progressive policy change.

Bottom Line for Portland

Each year, OCPP arms thousands of Oregonians with facts to fight for a better future for everyone, not just the fortunate few. Its research recently resulted in laws to increase Oregon’s minimum wage and provide health insurance for 17,000 uninsured children.

“OCPP performs an important service no other organization provides in Oregon: ongoing, thorough and credible economic analysis of tax and other public policies, independent of any political party. OCPP is regularly relied upon by Oregon news and political leaders.” —Robert Stoll

Business Partner

All new G!G donors to the Center will have their gift generously matched (up to $5,000) by Christine and David Vernier.

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