Oregon Humanities


To create opportunities for people to come together across difference through public conversations on issues key to Oregonians’ daily lives and the state’s future, a magazine devoted to exploring important and timely ideas, and partnerships with more than 150 other organizations statewide.

Bottom Line for Portland

During the past year, Oregon Humanities connected more than 60,000 Oregonians to new ideas, people and perspectives through public discussions on subjects as diverse as disability, surveillance and wilderness; through Oregon Humanities magazine; and through thought-provoking videos.

“In an age of polarization and fear, Oregon Humanities and its mission invites the opposite. It provides places where people can disagree, agree and educate each other.”—Melissa Madenski, writer and educator

Business Partners

The Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund will match new and increased donations to Oregon Humanities up to $1,000 per gift.

Oregon Cultural Trust Nonprofit Partner

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