Oregon Tradeswomen Inc.


To promote success for women in the trades through education, leadership and mentorship.

Bottom Line for Portland

Oregon Tradeswomen moves women out of poverty and into living-wage jobs in just seven weeks. The women who attend OT's no-cost, pre-apprenticeship class and receive job-placement services can immediately earn $30,000/year or more and become completely financially self-sufficient.

“There are no words to describe the empowerment and confidence of finding a path to success and self-sufficiency; or the pride that wells up inside knowing I’m making a difference in my community and my children's lives by giving them financial stability and greater opportunities.” —Courtnee Holm, graduate and electrical apprentice.  

Business Partners

O’Neill Construction Group will match all G!G donations by donors under the age of 35, up to $1,000. Sunstead Homes will match all donations of $25+, up to $2,000. Moxie and Moss Workwear will triple all donations of $100+, up to $3,000.

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