$29,354 raised from 288 donors
Goal: $24,000 from donors
Oregon Tradeswomen


Oregon Tradeswomen helps to transform lives by building community and economic independence through empowerment, training, career education, advocacy, and leadership development in the skilled trades.

Bottom Line for Portland

Helping women achieve financial independence while also addressing the workforce needs of the construction industry, Oregon Tradeswomen provides free training, job placement, job support and much more. Last year, we introduced more than 3,000 women and girls to this lucrative and debt-free career pathway.

“I went from an unemployed single mom living in an apartment, just barely making it to a successful mom with a new house and a great job. I’ve finally reached all my big goals after many years of struggling. Oregon Tradeswomen made that happen.” —Echo Dahl, Oregon Tradeswomen graduate

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