Partnership for Safety and Justice


To advance solutions to crime that ensure justice, equity, accountability and healing. PSJ promotes an approach to public safety that focuses on prevention, curbs the unsustainable growth of our prison system, and strengthens support for crime survivors.

Bottom Line for Portland

Last year, PSJ helped double state funding ($20 million to $40 million) for Justice Reinvestment, a program that invests in services across Oregon that increase public safety and mitigate prison growth (e.g., mental health services, addiction treatment, re-entry services, victim support).

“Partnership for Safety and Justice is an important organization in my life. They have helped me turn the overwhelming sorrow of my son’s imprisonment into active and focused energy aimed at changing Oregon’s laws for the better.” —Erin, Partnership for Safety and Justice member

Business Partners

The first 50 G!G donors of $25 or more will receive a free haircut certificate from Bishops Barbershop (good at all Oregon locations). The first 20 G!G donors of $100 or more will receive two tickets to Pairings Portland Wine Shop’s wine-pairing class.

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