PDX Pop Now!


To stimulate and expand participation in Portland’s vibrant music community through a variety of programs, from a free, all-ages music festival and production of an annual compilation of local music to bringing workshops and performances to local schools.   

Bottom Line for Portland

PPN!’s middle-school event reached 175 students, its 2015 compilation supported music from 42 Portland artists and sold 600 units, and its 2015 festival attracted 5,000 to 7,000 visitors, with performances by 45 artists. It plays 60-plus tracks a month on its weekly radio show on XRAY.FM, supporting only Portland musicians.

“The value of the festival goes beyond granting access to youth and community building. It offers artists an opportunity to  expose their work to new audiences. It’s a privilege to play the festival, and the benefits are tangible both personally and professionally.” —Michael Deresh, musician and founding member, PDX Pop Now!

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