The Pixie Project


To bring together Portland families with rescue animals through personalized, family-friendly adoption services; help keep pets happy, healthy and in their homes by offering vital veterinary care to low-income residents; and reduce animal overpopulation by providing easily accessible low-cost spay/neuter surgeries.

Bottom Line for Portland

This year, Pixie will find the perfect rescue pets for nearly 600 Portland families through its personalized adoption program. It also treats 120 cats and dogs each month in its veterinary clinic, providing low-cost spay/neuter surgeries and vital medical care, keeping animals out of shelters and with their dedicated families.

“Pixie Project does rescue and adoption as well as any organization out there. To say that Amy and her team care deeply about the animals they save and place would be a gross understatement.” —Merritt Paulson, owner, Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns

Business Partners

All G!G donors of $150 or more to the Pixie Project will receive a pair of Fetch Eyewear sunglasses. Donors of $250 or more will receive a pair of Fetch Eyewear sunglasses, readers or single-vision prescription glasses.

On 10/19/16, construction workers near the Fetch store in NW Portland penetrated a gas line, causing several large explosions and completely leveling the Fetch building. They're working to get back to businesses as soon as possible, so please excuse any delays in fulfillment.

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