The Pixie Project


To bring together families with rescue animals through personalized, family-friendly adoption services; keep pets happy, healthy and in their existing homes by offering vital veterinary care to low-income residents; and reduce animal overpopulation by providing easily accessible low-cost spay/neuter surgeries.

Bottom Line for Portland

This year, Pixie will match rescue pets with 650 families through its supportive adoption process and will treat 1,200 cats and dogs in its veterinary clinic, providing spay/neuter and medical care to the pets of those in need.

“Pixie is an animal matchmaking powerhouse. Not only are they phenomenal at matching you with the right pet, but their concern, care and treatment of animals is above all else. Pixie is the most professional, thoughtful and solid rescue in Portland. —Connie Wohn and John Poneta, Suttle Lodge & Boathouse, Pixie adopters

Business Partners

Donors of $150+ to Pixie will receive a pair of Fetch Eyewear sunglasses. Donors of $250+ will receive a pair of Fetch Eyewear sunglasses, readers or single-vision prescription glasses.

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