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Goal: $20,000 from donors
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art


To improve our community by creating thriving outlets for creative expression and increasing access to affordable, accessible, inclusive spaces for people to come together in Portland, where such space is increasingly scarce.

Bottom Line for Portland

PICA works to create accessible, inclusive and thriving outlets for creative expression. It serves more than 25,000 community members annually, including long-term, in-depth mentorship for youth of color, hundreds of regional and international artists through presentations, residencies and grants, and dozens of local organizations to provide affordable, accessible programming space.

“PICA has embodied an essential community and home for myself and my fellow artists and activists. The community they have fostered and the space they provide continues to allow local artists such as myself to grow and thrive.”

—Zandi Saleem, artist and community organizer

Business Partner

One free drink coupon to Water Avenue Coffee for every donation of $25 or more.

Oregon Cultural Trust Nonprofit Partner