Potluck in the Park


Potluck in the Park is a volunteer driven, grassroots organization whose mission is to provide nutritious food and an atmosphere of community to anyone in need.

Bottom Line for Portland

For the past 25 years, Potluck in the Park has provided a nutritious meal and sense of community each Sunday, the only day of the week most other agencies are closed. In 2015, it served 33,265 meals, an average of 640 guests each week. Its all-volunteer organization serves those less privileged and never turns anyone away.

“Potluck in the Park feeds the hungry with food, respect and compassion, feeding both body and soul. It is a place where no one leaves hungry, in more ways than one.” —Larry Chusid, founder, Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank

Business Partners

Portlandia Club Inc. will match the first $2,000 in G!G donations to Potluck in the Park. DeAngelo’s Catering Inc. will match up to $500 on any employee donation, and customers booking events through March 31, 2017, will receive free dessert with a G!G donation of $250 or more to Potluck in the Park.

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