Project Lemonade


To provide foster youth with a free back-to-school shopping experience and offer support to inspire self-esteem and promote success.

Bottom Line for Portland

Project Lemonade works with DHS to invite 1,800 foster youth ages 5–20 in August to come “shop” at its store at Lloyd Center Mall. This year it is able to offer mostly (80 percent) brand-new merchandise thanks to the generosity of local retailers, foundations and the community.

“Wow! What you have produced is amazing. Volunteering at the store was a highlight of my year. I enjoyed watching kids emerge from the dressing rooms with a twinkle in their eye from seeing themselves in the mirror.” —Eleanor Aschoff, broker, Macadam Forbes

Business Partners

The first 25 G!G donors of $100 or more to Project Lemonade will receive a $10 gift certificate to Old Town Pizza & Brewing. Weekly raffles will held for everyone who donates $10 or more, for AAA a one-year memberships and a private group wine tasting at Stoller Vineyards.

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