$12,263 raised from 214 donors
Goal: $15,000 from donors
Pueblo Unido PDX


Pueblo Unido’s mission is to empower and provide resources to Latinxs with vulnerable immigration status, and to advocate for solutions that build just communities. We envision a United States of America with libertad y justicia para todxs.

Bottom Line for Portland

In 2 ½ years, Pueblo Unido provided free legal consultations and communication credits to over 130 people in detention, paid towards 21 attorney retainers, and helped post 6 bonds. This enabled 15 people to be released from detention, 3 of whom won their cases against deportation and became lawful residents.


25 randomly-selected donors of $50+ win a Pueblo Unido tote and a volume of the Esto Es Para Ti zine series. Donors of $150+ get a chance to win a “Treat Yourself” gift package!

“It’s a small, grassroots organization of really motivated and dedicated people, with a lot of direct action and direct results. So many other nonprofits get bogged down with bureaucracy, but Pueblo Unido actually can make a difference.” —Vianca Diaz Cea, co-founder of Power to the Dreamers and paralegal at Portland Immigration Law

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