Rebuilding Center


To inspire people to value and discover existing resources to strengthen the social and environmental vitality of community. The ReBuilding Center leverages its space, people, materials and resources to support community-owned actions for a more sustainable and equitable Portland.

Bottom Line for Portland

In 2015, the ReBuilding Center diverted more than 2 million pounds of building materials from the landfill and sold more than 400,000 items back to the community. Through these sales, the ReBuilding Center last year was able to donate essential building materials to 225 local grassroots projects, and its Community Outreach Program was able to support 12 community-building initiatives.

“For any effort you put in here, it’s amazing what you get out of it. There’s always important work to do that gives you a sense of purpose—not only here, but in the community, too. It’s beautiful.” —TJ, volunteer

Business Partners

All G!G donors of $25 or more will receive a coupon for 25 percent off beverages at Stormbreaker Brewing. (Stormbreaker will then donate that 25 percent to the ReBuilding Center.) The first 100 donors 35 years of age and under will receive a free taco from ¿Por Qué No?; ¿Por Qué No? will match all $100 or more G!G donations to the ReBuilding Center (up to $2,000).

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