$14,119 raised from 310 donors
Goal: $15,000 from donors
ReBuilding Center


With your help, the ReBuilding Center builds community resilience in the Portland region by ensuring access to affordable reclaimed home improvement materials, reuse education, and repair skills so people can be self-sufficient and reduce waste.

Bottom Line for Portland

In 2019, the ReBuilding Center diverted over 3.2 million pounds of building materials from the landfill and sold affordable reclaimed materials to 25,000 members of the community. We donated essential building materials to over 75 local schools and grassroots projects and taught over 160 DIY classes to more than 2,300 participants.


All donors will receive 10% off any part or accessory at the Community Cycling Center.

All donors will additionally receive 20% off a purchase at the ReBuilding Center.

All donors will receive 20% off a purchase at Free Geek.

“I love this place so much! The ReBuilding Center is an excellent resource for building materials, woodshop education, and skill development for volunteers of all backgrounds and abilities. They take coalition-building seriously, yet are also a site of lighthearted mirth.” —Victoria, volunteer

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