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Returning Veterans Project


To connect post-9/11 war zone veterans, service members, and their families with FREE mental and physical health care services in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Bottom Line for Portland

RVP removes barriers to mental and physical health services so that those we serve can have free, confidential access to the care they need. Over half of post-9/11 veterans aren’t enrolled in VA health care, and RVP bridges the gap to the quality, timely care they deserve. Last year, RVP delivered 3,948 hours of health care to 458 veterans, service members, and their families — without any fees or strings attached.

“I am not a veteran, but as the family of a veteran who committed suicide three years ago, I was able to utilize the services through RVP. That access to care, quite honestly, was lifesaving. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do.”

—Veteran family member

Business Partners

G!G donations of $50+ will receive free wine and shipping from Dauntless Wine Co. Donations of $100+ also receive 2 tickets to a Portland Trail Blazers game. Larger donations receive free wine, tickets and more!