Right 2 Dream Too


To provide emergency shelter facilities where houseless adults can obtain safe, uninterrupted sleep for up to 12 hours; to organize volunteer staff to facilitate and manage the operation of those facilities; and to create a safe, clean, self-governed community where people living on the streets can have their basic needs met.

Bottom Line for Portland

In the past year, R2DToo has provided safe, uninterrupted sleep approximately 28,000 times. It has had more than 19,000 volunteer hours logged by Dreamers and supporters, and achieved this all for less than $1 per person per day.

“Right 2 Dream to has given me a safe place to call home and has taught me to stand up for [my] rights and help other houseless communities in their time of need. My time at R2DToo has changed my life.” —Amy M., currently housed former Dreamer

Business Partners

All G!G donors to R2DToo will be entered into a drawing for a free lunch at Charlie’s Deli.

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