Rose Haven


Rose Haven is a day shelter and community center serving women and children experiencing trauma, poverty, and physical and mental health challenges. It maintains a safe, respectful community while providing support and services to assist each woman in regaining stability in her life.

Bottom line for Portland

In Portland, the rate of homeless women accessing emergency shelters has doubled since 2015. Rose Haven provides safety, meals, clothing, hygiene, showers, supplies, social workers, nurses, counselors and community to 3,300 women and children annually.

“Rose Haven has helped my mind, body and soul. Meeting new people in hospitality and in many classes. There is always a welcome smile, warm coffee and more than a bit of sustenance. A soft warm place to rest one’s body, and nurses to help what, and hygiene.” —Margaret, Rose Haven guest

Business Partner

The first $5,000 in G!G donations to Rose Haven will be matched by glassybaby. Donors of $500+ will receive a “gratitude” hand-blown candle holder from glassybaby.


How far does a $10 donation go with your organization?

$10 provides two weeks of safety, supplies and support services for a woman or child in need.

How far does a $50 donation go with your organization?

$50 sponsors a woman or child in need for nearly four months at Rose Haven’s shelter.

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