$5,245 raised from 73 donors
Goal: $15,000 from donors
BIPOC-Led Organization!
Sabin Community Development Corporation


Sabin Community Development Corporation works toward social equity by stabilizing and improving the livability of culturally diverse Northeast Portland neighborhoods, ensuring long-term affordable housing for low-income families, and creating community partnerships for projects that benefit the neighborhoods as a whole.

Bottom Line for Portland

We strive to create a mutual sense of belonging between our residents and the neighborhood by creating gardens and gathering spaces with art instillations. Sabin is committed to diverse and equitable neighborhoods by retaining homes for the African American community: 76% of our tenants identify as people of color.


Alberta Co-op and Case Study Coffee will provide a $5 gift card for donations of $50 or more.

“The addition of garden boxes and picnic tables have given my neighbors a way to connect during the day. I hope we can do this for all of Sabin’s properties!” —Mr. Bobby Fouther

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