Schoolhouse Supplies


To support public education in the Portland area by providing free school supplies to students in need. Schoolhouse Supplies fills a gap, leveling the playing field so that all children have equal access to tools that allow them to achieve academic success and feel confident.

Bottom Line for Portland

Schoolhouse Supplies served more than 70,000 students last school year by providing them with essential learning tools, including 644,597 pencils and nearly 40,000 books. Since its inception in 1999, the value of school supplies put into local classrooms has reached almost $30 million.

“Without the simplest thing, such as a writing utensil, learning can become a big challenge. When you support Schoolhouse Supplies, you are ensuring that my peers and I will have a future in the classroom.” —Sadie, Mt. Tabor Middle School student

Business Partners

Katie and David Gold will match G!G donations of $25 or more to Schoolhouse Supplies, up to $10,000.

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