Sisters Of The Road


To build authentic relationships and alleviate the hunger of isolation in an atmosphere of nonviolence and “gentle personalism.” Sisters works to nurture the whole individual while seeking systemic solutions that reach the roots of homelessness and poverty to end them forever.

Bottom Line for Portland

Last year, Sisters served 40,383 hot, delicious meals made with fresh produce each day in exchange for $1.50 in cash, SNAP benefits, a Sisters meal coupon or 15 minutes of barter work. Sisters’ dignified barter work opportunities provide work experience and positive daytime activity for people experiencing homelessness.

“Thank you for all your service and for the kindness and compassion you show people in dire straits. Y’all keep shining that love light on Portland. It means a lot to us who have been homeless. Thank you.”—Alex Donnelly, community member

Business Partners

The Collins Foundation and Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust will match 50 cents of every dollar in G!G donations made by new donors to Sisters of the  Road.

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