Skate Like A Girl Portland


To build a more inclusive skateboarding community by offering a safe, empowering space to build confidence and leadership skills and to advocate for social justice. SLAG also runs free or low-cost, hands-on clinics where women and girls learn to skateboard in a supportive environment.

Bottom Line for Portland

In 2016, Skate Like a Girl reached more than 800 youth (primarily girls) via 45 public clinics at Commonwealth Skateboarding, in free after-school clinics (partnering with SUN, CampFire Columbia, Betties 360 and parent/teacher associations) and through summer camps.

“Skate Like a Girl clinics have empowered my daughters. Each has overcome significant academic and social challenges through learning to skateboard. Thanks to SLAG, I am raising self-confident children who know if they can ollie they can rule the world!”

—Melissa Gorgon Clark, mother of three SLAG participants

Business Partners

Evo will match the first $1,000 in G!G donations to Skate Like a Girl PDX.

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