Street Roots


To create income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty by publishing a newspaper that is a catalyst for individual and social change. Each week, Street Roots provides more than 160 low-income and homeless individuals with an opportunity to earn an immediate and respectable income.

Bottom Line for Portland

Street Roots publishes a weekly newspaper with investigative journalism that prompts readers to challenge the status quo and think about topics not often covered by traditional media. In 2015, it had 512 vendors sell 379,233 newspapers.

Street Roots has been a godsend, a stepping stone and a catalyst for me.... I started feeling better about myself. It’s like, OK, I’m selling Street Roots now and the next step is to get off the streets.” —Shayne, Street Roots vendor

Business Partners

Panacea will match the first $650 in G!G donations to Street Roots; Frank Creative will provide support during the winter fund drive and coordinate a December art show.

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